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Dual Sport Motorcycle Adventures

ready to goThe Pacific Northwest offers the greatest motorcycle adventures in the world: you ride on lightly traveled sweeping roads in excellent conditions, through a great diversity of landscapes, and that in sunny and dry weather conditions that allows you to fully enjoy those treasures for about 4 to 5 months out of the year.  From mid May to mid October, Oregon gives us the very best of all riding worlds – and we enjoy every minute of it.  And in addition to all that, the Pacific Northwest is known for great food, renowned  wineries, excellent local breweries and friendly people.

Imagine living in a tipi with your “iron pony” parked right outside. You are setting out on new trails and new adventure rides every day, seeing some of the most beautiful and pristine natural settings of Oregon, reserved for the adventurer on “the roads less traveled.” You will hike to majestic waterfalls, experience the silence of old growth forests and visit a lake with water so pure that it can not even support fish life.

Plan a Motorcycle Adventure Camp with your friends...

picnic lunch... this will give the more adventurous amongst you the opportunity to explore Oregon’s beautiful landscapes in style. Guided trips available. 

guided day trips
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